European player in the transportation of sensitive materials

EBTrans, Our Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of our professions and actions.

As a committed actor at the heart of the territories in Europe where we are present, we work daily to limit our environmental footprint, promote diversity and inclusion within our teams, and transport the materials entrusted by our clients with a logic of optimizing our flows and ensuring safety.

Environmental commitments

Our goal is to adapt our engines to make them compatible with the use of renewable energies such as B100, HVO, or Bio CNG.

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Our commitments to safety

We are constantly concerned with preserving the physical and mental safety of all our employees, as well as third parties, whether during their travels on the road or their presence within industrial sites. We continually invest in the training of our drivers, raising awareness of safety rules, so they can handle various situations, whether on our sites or yours.

At EBTrans, under the guidance of the Management, we are implementing a Safety Culture program aimed at promoting a lasting change in the behaviors of all our employees, from management to drivers, operators, and administrative staff.

Our social commitments



Promoting access to employment for individuals undergoing career transitions or facing distance from the job market is one of the pillars of our CSR policy. Each year, we establish partnerships with reemployment structures (France Travail, associations, etc.) and implement training programs that enable job seekers to embark on a new career path.



Inclusion, diversity, and equity are objective criteria that we take into account in our recruitment and career advancement processes within our companies. We are convinced that team diversity represents a real source of innovation and operational efficiency.


Mobility and Apprenticeship

Our territorial anchoring allows us to meet the mobility and career development needs of our employees in France and the 14 other countries where we are present. Transmitting the passion for our professions to the employees of tomorrow is also in our DNA. We recruit interns in various roles and locations, organize open days at our sites, and encourage exchanges with the education sector.

Our ethical commitments

As a leader in bulk goods transportation for nearly 30 years, we make it a point to work with our clients and partners while adhering to a code of conduct and business ethics. Every year, all our executives undergo training on our business code of ethics.


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